Furifure 2 - English

Furifure 2 - English

Description :
The sequel to Noesis’ Furifure, although the characters are different. Kaito has been visiting the find-a-partner BBS “FreeFriends” to buy sex since he finds it difficult to have close relationships. It is through this site that he hooks up with his long-separated blood-related imouto Sumire, who doesn’t know that he is her older brother. Just like in the previous title, you can choose between pure or dark love.

Info :
  • Title : Furifure 2 / Free Friends 2
  • Original Title : 館 ~官能奇譚~
  • Developer : Noesis
  • Publishers: AiCherry & Noesis & MangaGamer
  • Language : Japan & English

Screenshot :

Furifure 2 - English

Furifure 2 - English
Link Download :


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